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Travel Basketball Program Fact Sheet


1. CYA Travel Program Philosophy: For the winter season, CYA forms travel basketball teams in grades 5th through 8th to compete in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL).  CYA is the largest travel program in the FCYBL, fielding over 20 teams each year. The CYA Basketball Board’s philosophy is to allow as many players as possible the chance to participate in our Travel program. This may mean our teams may be somewhat less competitive than those of clubs that field fewer teams at each age group, but we believe giving more kids an opportunity to play at a higher level is more important than winning FCYBL championships.


2. FCYBL Leagues: FCYBL is a grade-based, not age-based league. FCYBL has a boys’ league and a girls’ league for grades 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th. All boys’ leagues have 3 divisions and girls’ have 2 divisions. Generally, the weaker Division 1 teams from last year will be moved to Division 2, the stronger Division 2 teams from last year will be moved to Division 1, the weaker Division 2 teams will be moved to Division 3, and the stronger Division 3 teams to Division 2. The FCYBL commissioners do a draft alignment of all teams but appeals will be heard after the tryouts conclude.


3. Travel Coaches: CYA Travel coaches are selected by the Basketball Board. The Travel Coordinator interviews new candidates, reviews their credentials, and then makes a recommendation to the Board on the basis of coaching experience, technical abilities, adherence to CYA guidelines and philosophy, and character. Parents of last year’s players are also surveyed to evaluate whether or not last year’s coaches should be reappointed.


4. Tryouts. The tryout schedule is posted on the CYA Basketball Scheduling website ( Please check the scheduling website for any changes to the tryout schedule. Note that all players are required to attend at least 2 of the tryout sessions (all are holding at least 3 tryout sessions). If your child cannot attend 2 tryouts (or at least part of 2 sessions), let the A team coach know. Some grades may hold a 4th tryout session if needed. If your child is injured and cannot participate in the tryout drills/scrimmages, let the A team coach know.  Your child should still attend at least 2 sessions as an observer.


5. Zip Codes. CYA is allocated six zip codes by FCYBL from which we can select players: 20171, 22033, 20151, 22124, 20120, 22030, 20191. We are allowed to place a maximum of two out-of-zip code players on each team (i.e., players who reside in Fairfax County but outside of the CYA zip codes). No player who lives outside Fairfax County can be rostered on a CYA team by FCYBL rule.


6. Grade/Age Restrictions. Since FCYBL is now a grade-based rather than age-based league, there are no age exceptions granted to play down a grade.  As long as the child is enrolled in the appropriate grade (or a lower grade if playing up) and not more than 2 years older than the normal age for that grade, they are eligible to be selected to a team in that grade.


7. Player selection: The Basketball Board has strict guidelines to ensure that everyone who tries out is evaluated fairly and that players are not pre-selected. On average, we have a 25-30% player turnover per team each year. Please understand that it is not always the top 20-30 most athletically gifted kids that make the Travel teams. Height, speed and position are factors that come into play when putting together balanced teams. However, those who are selected come from a pool of 30-50 that the coaches, in cooperation with a CYA board representative, agree by consensus constitute the top available players.


8. Player placement:  Players are placed on teams through a draft process. The draft method used will depend on whether CYA has 1, 2 or 3 teams in a particular division. Requests for specific coaches cannot be honored. If your child is selected to a team and you choose not to play for that coach, you have the choice of playing in CYA house or trying out for a different club.  Bring any extraordinary circumstances to the attention of the CYA Basketball Commissioner, Rick Shryock, In order to avoid player turnover after the teams are selected, CYA coaches may ask players to sign the FCYBL commitment form after their selection to a team.  By FCYBL rule, players signing this form cannot switch to any other travel team.


9. Player notification: All players who try out for the Travel teams will be informed within a few days of the last tryout by telephone, email or in person as to whether or not they have been selected. The coaches will announce the notification method at the tryouts. Players can be cut after attending two tryouts or at the end of the tryout process. Once selected, players will receive an email notifying them how to register for Travel basketball and pay the registration fee.


10. Registration: You must pre-register online at no charge for travel tryouts at by the second night of tryouts to ensure that you will receive an invitation to join the team if selected. Once you receive the invitation to join the team, you must register for Travel Basketball and pay the one-time $365 fee.  This may be paid in three payments.  If you register after November 1, a late fee will be assessed. If your child was registered for House and made Travel, a refund of the House registration will be issued. If your child does not make the travel team, you will be invited to register for the House program if you have not already done so.


11. Registration cost: The total travel program registration fee is $365.00. The travel registration fee is higher than the House fee to cover our Fall gym cost (approximately $8,500), the Fall $5.50 per player Fairfax County user fee, a $10 CYA Capital Improvement Fund fee, and the additional rented Winter practice space (Campus, Hoops Plus, The Fieldhouse).


12. Documentation: All players who participate in the County Travel league are required to supply proof of grade and residence. Each player needs to supply a copy of their fall interim report card and, if the report card does not list the home address, a copy of a home utility bill. The player’s FCPS SIS info page listing grade and address fulfills this requirement.  When CYA submits its rosters in November, we must provide photocopies of this documentation for all players. All documentation must be turned over to the coaches by no later than November 1.


13. Uniforms: All new travel players will have to purchase a full uniform for $75 & $35 shooting shirt.  Players will be able to purchase their uniforms (and any spiritwear) directly from Cassels Sports & Awards through an online store.  The CYA travel online store link will be sent to all those who are selected to a travel team.  All uniform pieces (jersey, shorts & shooting shirt) must be ordered by October 26 to ensure they will be ready when FCYBL games start.  Sizing samples will be available at Cassels for uniforms and spiritwear.  Returning players will not be required to purchase a new uniform.


14. Practices: Once teams are formed, there will be two 90-minute practices during the week.  The fall practice schedule will run through mid-November; the winter practice schedule then goes into effect and lasts through February. This is because our school gym allocation changes in mid-November, when we need to fit the travel practices in with the house league practices. Check the CYA Basketball Scheduling website ( for information about school closures due to weather or school events.


15. FCYBL Season: The FCYBL regular season begins the week before Thanksgiving and runs through February. Playoffs are typically the first week of March.  Teams will play at least 13 regular season games, usually on the weekend. 7th & 8th grade boys and girls teams can expect to play weeknight and weekend games.  5th & 6th grade teams generally play only weekend games unless weather cancellations necessitate make-up games on weeknights. 


16. Other sports/teams: During the Winter season, CYA expects its travel players to make their CYA travel team their primary sport commitment. Please remember that by accepting one of the 10 spots on a travel team, your child is receiving an honor and opportunity that many, many others were denied.  Therefore, the expectation is that you and your child will prioritize the commitment to the travel team over all other winter sport obligations.  If you or your child cannot make that commitment, you should reconsider your acceptance because there are many other candidates that will prioritize their travel team obligations.  Travel players who miss games or practices due to participation in other leagues may have their playing time reduced. In the fall season, players should prioritize their Fall CYA sport (football, etc.) over CYA Basketball until that fall sport is complete.


17. Tournaments: Most teams participate in at least one tournament over Thanksgiving at a cost per player of approximately $40.00. This cost is borne by the individual players on the team.


18. Code of Conduct: All parents, coaches and parents are required to sign a code of conduct form. CYA expects all of our participants to abide by this code of conduct.


19. Become familiar with this site during the season and check it often for FCYBL travel game updates and cancellations. We recommend checking it before you leave for any scheduled game.  Equally important: CYA has a similar scheduling site where you will find Team practice and FCYBL game schedules:


20. Game Locations: Games can be held anywhere in the county, as well as in South Riding, Gainesville, Alexandria, Falls Church and Arlington.


21. Game Schedule: FCYBL creates and maintains the schedule. CYA has no control over game times or locations. The schedule may change frequently due to weather and gym closures so check the FCYBL site regularly.  We will send out automatic email notifications of any changes/cancellations that we receive and will post these on CYA’s own scheduling website ( The new FCYBL rules will not allow any scheduling requests/changes from our coaches/teams, including requests made due to religious considerations.


22. Playing time: FCYBL does not have any minimum playing time rule, which technically means FCYBL coaches are not obligated to play any individual player in a given game. However, CYA has instituted its own playing time rule: during the regular season, any player who attended the previous two practices must get at least 3 minutes total playing time each half. If they missed these practices, then the coach is only obligated to play them for 5 minutes total during the game.  If you have an issue with the playing time for your child or any other concerns with the coach, players, parents or officials, please email


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