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Winter 2021-22 COVID-19 Guidelines

UPDATED 9/22/2021 - The COVID-19 impact to our programs is a fluid situation and can be subject to change as we get closer to getting players on the court.

What is the COVID-19 protocol today?

  • Masks must be worn by everyone at all times EXCEPT for players who are  engaged in physical activity, regardless of vaccination status
  • Players not actively playing must wear a mask
  • Spectators are allowed in the gyms
  • Our mask guidance is based on Fairfax County's Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) agreement.  Failure to comply will result in our permit being pulled and loss of county gym use.

What CYA Basketball programs operate in the Fall?

  • CYA Travel will hold open gyms and tryouts in late September through early October.  After travel teams are formed, they will hold practices beginning mid-October.

How will the CYA Basketball operate its Winter Rec Program?

  • There are a few months before we will have our Recreational players on the court, and the mask requirements may change.  As it stands today, the same COVID-19 protocols will be the same as above